Businesses handle change every day – new clients, new suppliers, new tools.  Successful businesses have processes and systems to manage these day to day operational changes.

But what about the changes businesses need to make to survive and thrive in this new world of disruptive innovation?

What about the changes businesses need to make to be sustainable, to grow, to provide the owners, staff and customers with what they want into the future?

Does your business have the skills, knowledge, processes to successfully manage these types of change?

Businesses today must be nimble and agile. Able to change quickly whilst remaining true to their core values, to what is the true purpose of the business.

For some business owners and managers this can seem overwhelming.

There are two key habits that you can start to do today to set you on a path to strive and thrive in this new world. 

1. Continuously and actively scan your business environment

 What are your customers saying? What are your competitors doing? Read industry and business articles.

When you read the newspaper or look at your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, keep asking the question – how could this impact my business? 

Is there an opportunity here, or a potential threat? 

The broader you cast your net for information, the better you will be able to decide what changes you may need to make.

2. Define your business future

What will your business be in 3, 6, 12 months, 2-5 years?

Take a people centered and whole of business approach. 

What will your staff, customers, suppliers be doing in that future? What will the systems, processes, people be like? 

 Look at all the pieces that make up your business. Make it real and tangible.  Talk with your staff, your customers, suppliers, your mates, other business people. Build a clear picture of the future.

This is not the formal strategy document that sits on a shelf and is looked at once a year. This is creating a living understanding, amongst all your “stakeholders”, of your business future.  

It is important to continuously revisit and update your “picture of the future”. Whether it be in staff meetings, manager meetings or over Friday afternoon drinks (where we’ve seen some great ideas evolve).

In future blogs we will give you ideas about how to create “Future Walls” and other ways to capture your Defined Future. We will discuss how to manage the changes needed to achieve the future you define. 

Would you like your business to thrive and survive?

We can provide practical help to define your future, design, and manage the changes required to achieve your future.