Link Market Services

E2E The Change Agency provided Project and Change Management services to the company that is today Link Market Service since its inception when Perpetual Trustees first bought PWC’s Share Registry in 1998.


AAS Enterprise Project Management Office Project

AAS’s project volume and maturity was needing appropriate methodologies and governance structures to overcome major issues facing their projects. E2E developed a strong enterprise PMO with methodologies for managing their projects at both an individual and enterprise level.


Link Market Services New Zealand Joint Venture

E2E managed the joint venture between Link Market Services Australia and the New Zealand Stock Exchange ton establish Link New Zealand.

  • Establishment of offices in Auckland
  • Acquisition of an Ashburton share registry and transition (including full migration of all share registers) to the Link Market Services OSCAR Share registry platform
  • Establishment of infrastructure and IT systems for connectivity between the Australian and New Offices


Project OSCAR – Share Registry Replacement Program

E2E played a critical role in managing the design, development and implementation of Link Market Services (known at the time as ASX Perpetual Registrars Ltd) core share registry database and management system.

With a budget of over $30m, the project was high profile through the press and was complicated by legal hurdles. There was a definitive time frame for delivery, which was met, ensuring the continuation and viability of the business.

The project included the migration of 180 clients with over 8 million shareholders’ details and history. We also managed the Change Management, Learning (design, development and delivery), and Business Testing. The project team ranged from 20 to 60 contractors and staff ramping up during migration weekends.


Telstra 2 Float

E2E project managed the establishment of the business and IT infrastructure required by Link Market Services to process the Telstra 2 Float applications. We then managed the Sydney processing centre for application processing. This incorporated the scanning, verification and processing of over 250,000 application forms over a 3-week period while similar processing occurring in Melbourne. We then assisted in the reconciliation, clean-up and final allocation of the float.


Share Registry Relocation and Transition from PWC to Perpetual Trustees

When Perpetual Trustees purchased PWC’s share registry E2E project managed the transition. This required establishing new ICT infrastructure, creating new call centres and offices as well as integration into the Perpetual Trustees IT networks etc. All without any reduction in service levels to the registry’s clientele and their shareholders.