NSW Business Link

E2E provided Project and Change Management services to NSW Businesslink to support the IT transition from DADHC and DOCs and CSC to NSW Businesslink.

IT Outsource Transition Program

NSW Businesslink was created when NSW Dept of Housing (DOH), NSW Dept of Community Services (DOCS) and NSW Dept of Aging, Disability and Home Care (DADHC) agreed to establish a shared services outsource provider to manage a range of functions including IT.

DOCs and DADHC both had IT outsource agreements with CSC which had to be transitioned to NSW Businesslink. E2E was responsible for managing all engagement with DADHC’s management and staff.

  • Gathering of business requirements for the IT transition and the ongoing IT support
  • Developing a transition strategy and schedule for all DADHC sites
  • Developing and implementing a communications and education strategy to ensure all DADHC staff and managers knew what was required of them and when
  • Ongoing stakeholder management of key DADHC and DOCs senior management to ensure their support of the transition
  • Negotiating with key NSW Businesslink teams including IT support to ensure support models etc aligned with the needs of the DADHC and DOCs staff

The change impact analysis highlighted a lack of computer knowledge of some of DADHC’s staff. Once E2E had identified this, we negotiated changes to the IT teams’ server and desktop transition approach to ensure no critical data was lost. Due to the expertise we showed on the project we were also asked to:

  • Provide input into the development of the NSW Businesslink Organisational Change Methodology
  • Conduct Post Implementation Reviews for other completed projects