NSW Police

E2E provided Project and Change Management expertise to NSW Police, working closely with their Forensic Services Group (FSG); IT department and a Digital Assessment Management System (DAMS) vendor to roll-out digital photography equipment and DAMS to all FSG teams throughout NSW.

Forensic Services Digital Imagery Project

The project had two key delivery streams:
  • Selection and rollout to all FSG units of digital camera equipment able to match or improve on the photographic images provided by the film camera equipment being used by the officers.
  • Selection, configuration, testing and implementation of a COTS Digital Asset Management system(DAMS) to store, manage and track digital images from initial taking through to presentation as evidence in court.

The key challenge was to ensure the creation and management of the digital images by FSG would be robust so they would be would be admissible in court as forensic evidence.

All aspects of how photographic images were used and managed by FSG needed to be reviewed and where necessary changed. E2E played a key role in ensuring this outcome including managing:

  • Software vendor’s configuration of DAMS to meet the business requirements
  • User acceptance testing of DAMS in conjunction with the new digital photography equipment
  • Review and updating of policies and procedures ensuring compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements to ensure acceptance of evidence in court.
  • Development and delivery of training packages with competency assessments to ensure competency of all officers with both the equipment and the required image management processes.
  • Rollout of the equipment and system to all units in parallel with the delivery of the training and system access
  • Provision of support and coaching post rollout as well as checks to ensure competency and compliance with new processes