We often see organisations focus on technology as the solution to implementing change. However, technology is just one part of the solution.

When looking at changing technology in your organisation it is important to not lose sight of the outcomes and business benefits you want to achieve.

In a recent newsletter from Brightline Initiative they commented:

“…too often we see that technology becomes the end game. We tend to forget what the value we want to create is by using technology. The focus should be on solving a real-world, people-centric problem solution process and not necessarily through a fancy app.” *

This insight highlights that change management is an end to end process. That it is important to identify and plan all the business changes that are necessary to achieve those outcomes and business benefits. And implementing a change in technology is one part of that process.

So, what questions should you ask when making a technology change?

If you think about the value you want to create by using technology, we suggest starting with:

  • How will the ecosystem of my organisation need to change to get the best outcome?
  • What will be the change journey for my organisation and our stakeholders (staff, management, customers, suppliers, owners, board)?
  • Who will be the formal and informal leaders creating the cultural change required?

Then, bringing in qualified change managers can  help you identify possible technology solutions that will align with the value and goals your change is seeking to achieve.  This includes designing, planning and implementing the multitude of changes needed to get the greatest benefits out of those technology solutions.

If you are looking at new technology and want to ensure it delivers a complete solution talk to us about taking the first step on your organisation’s change journey.

Is your organisation planning to implement new technology?

We can provide practical help to ensure your new technology delivers a complete solution.

* Extract from Latest Updates from Brightline – Issue 10